ONEprompt is a AI enabled NFT media creation and publishing platform.

1. Imagine

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

— Albert Einstein

2. Generate

ONEprompt’s user-friendly Ai generator will guide you every step of the way in unleashing your true creative potential!

3. Mint

No coding knowledge required. It’s never been easier to bring your unique visions to life on the blockchain!

Welcome to ONEprompt, your ultimate toolset for creating unique and powerful NFTs. We’ve bridged the gap between traditional art creation tools and the dynamic world of crypto. No matter if you’re working on JPEGs, Magazines, Books, Music, or Videos, our adaptable platform seamlessly works together with your preferred creative tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Photopea, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo.. With our innovative, in-house layer solution, you can generate pixelated JPEGs – a staple in the crypto/NFT space.

Our forthcoming roadmap on our Litepaper is set to keep you ahead of the game. With our unique web app, you’ll be able to upload your layers and watch as it generates up to 10,000 NFTs from your creations, uploading them to IPFS and establishing the contract.


own the contract:


Is your mind bursting with artistic visions… Allow ONEprompt to release your inner Picasso with the stroke of a cursor!


Combine graphics and text to produce visually striking content for your business or blog. Say goodbye to writers block with ONEprompt!


Unleash your inner Dickens and write a noteworthy novel in a click and a twist. All you need is an idea – ONEprompt will walk you through the rest!


Turn a whistle or hum into a symphony in the beat of a drum. ONEprompt can even generate lyrics for you!


How about a video to accompany your song… or maybe you fancy yourself as the next Spielberg… With ONEprompt the virtual world is your set!

Pixel Art

Create iconic pixelated art with ONEprompt’s easy-to-use design tools. Set your inner CryptoPunk spirit free!

Imagine the freedom of being the true owner of your own contract, a luxury not offered anywhere else but here at ONEprompt. Imagine, your art pieces evolving into digital assets, monetized in ways you’d never thought possible. In a world that’s becoming more digitized by the minute, we help you thrive. Our Beta version gives you a taste of this revolution, enabling you to create NFT Layers on any software you prefer.

For holders of the D3conomist NFT, creating a collection is absolutely free. The only costs are the gas fees of the network. We currently provide full support for the Ethereum Network. As we continue to evolve and expand, we will soon be integrating Polygon into our offerings. Further down the line, expect additions like Arbitrum and Layerzero (Omnichain) as we aim to serve a diverse spectrum of your creative needs.

Are you ready to elevate your artistic journey? Ready to transform your creations into digital assets? Ready to make a mark in the ever-evolving NFT world? Then dive in and embrace the ONEprompt experience. Join us today and explore the future of digital art and NFT creation, become a part of ONEprompt.


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